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Hey guys and girls,
       FYI, Alexander Spectre's current short story - 'The Working Dead' has been updated after a two months hiatus. More darker adventures of the mysterious immortal detective and his sidekick hamster familiar Wilson, will be coming up soon on the official webcomic site.

Click this link below to read the comic for you new readers who love mystery and horror tales.

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Coming up with ideas for this animation project I'm working on is a tiring job. Its not a bad thing but I sure get mentally and physically weak after a whole day's work of staring at the computer screen and trying to draw out a concept or typing out a dialogs that works or not and trying to make a story that is already dark, to be funny.

Anyway, I'm just expressing my tiredness over here and I really need a good workout... a vacation, mmmm I like to just spend a week off sleeping. Hibernating. Yup.

I'm ashamed to find some 'artists' have to steal others work and claimed it theirs. I don't see how this can be called inspiration to them when it just inspires them to violate the copyright code.
I'm not pissed, but I'm disappointed over these unwanted actions.
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What can I say? My summer with the movies were a blast!
Just finished watching The Dark Knight and I fucking love
Heath Ledger's performance as the psychotic Joker. Be very disturbed by his eerie and mesmerizing portrayal of one of Batman's most celebrated criminals in Gotham City could ever offer. Try not to spoil all the fun for you guys and girls out there but I can promise you all that you'll be walking out from your cinemas with the mind of a Joker... or maybe Two-Face or the Batman.

SO what else i can say is that it feels like a horror-psychological thriller with a squeeze of all the dark film noir stories out there. My friends and I agreed that its one of the best Batman or superhero movies ever and hope they just end it there.

But you know, Hollywood will spin another round of films due to their "trilogy" idealist. Sadly to say, there will be more but the question is will Christopher Nolan is up to the challenge to bring
back the Dark Knight to Gotham once more?

In memory of Heath Ledger.
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Just dunno what to update in my journal about. Work as usual and only have a small pocket of time just nice for my own stuff but usually I get tired quickly after a whole day's work in cracking my brain think of what color to use in the backgrounds for this animation series I'm currently working on.

Anyways, its been a good progress and I slowly appreciate the importance of having a team of backgrounders and colorists to save my ass from overwork. >3>"

Till then, gonna brace myself for Hellboy II and The Dark Knight.

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1. Are you ready for 50 questions?
Ugh... not really. Feels like I'm doin some test.

2. Which state/country do you live in?
A banana shaped peninsular island/continent known as Malaysia where some foreigners and tourists still thinks we're living in tree tops and have jungle orgies . Currently living in Selangor where Kuala Lumpur is the main city there.

3. What is your favourite thing you got for Christmas?
If you're talking bout last year, its a big electric keyboard from my parents.

4. What was the last thing you did in 2007?
Thinking of quitting my job which I didn't.

5. How tall are you?
The average height of a normal guy.

6. Are you new on dA? How long have you been a member?
Since 2004? I think.

7. Are you male or female?

8. Which program do you use to chat?
Windows Live MSN.... or whatever you called it.

9. What was the first thing you did this morning?
Answer this questionnaire?

10. Do you own a website or forum?
I have a blogsite and some webcomic sites.

11. Is the computer you're using your own computer?
Yep, pretty much mine. Thanks to my dad.

12. What is your favourite type of food?
I like noodles. Wanton Noodles are my personal fav.

13. How many brothers and sisters do you have?
I'm the eldest, I have two younger brothers and one little sister.

14. Do you have an account on myspace?
Not interested.

15. What is your favorite video game or anime character?

16. What is your favorite color?
Used to be blue but now I don't know. Maybe white, since I kept wearing white these days.

17. Everyone loves candy, right?
Sure, but not always.

18. Have you ever gotten a gift art from a friend or someone?
Yup, but mostly from DA watchers and the regulars. (hi guys and girls! )*waves both hands.

19. Do you have the Wii?
I'm planning one....

21. If you could have one wish, what would it be?
I'd wish I'll die in my sleep when I'm a grandpa after raise a family and left behind a legacy of my years of published comic books and artworks. :P

22. How long do you sleep?
I wish I was a bear. I really want to hibernate.

23. What is your favorite part of day?
Towards the end of the day, which is called the blue hour. That's my favorite part.

24. What kind of creature/person is your character?
I was unofficially registered by my friend Jules, as a bat
for some reason. But unfortunately, I'm a tubby. Not the happy counterparts but a black emo and hates the other colorful homos. LOL

25. What is the first letter of your name?

26. Do you cuss/swear/curse?
Oh yeah, only when someone pisses me off.

27. Are you happy, excited, angry, or sad at the moment?
In a state of blurness.

28. What is your favorite video game?
Lately, none. But to think of it, its Fatal Frame. Nuff said.

29. Do you think Nintendo is an amazing company?
With the Wii and stuff? Of course!

30. What is your favorite video game company?
Square Enix, Konami and Sony.

31. Do you like doing quizzes?

32. Do you have a lot of good friends?
Just the ones I grow up along in college and now in my current job place.

33. What color eyes do you have?
Brown with a tinge of black.

34. What is your favorite Pokémon?
Pikachu... what?

35. Have you ever seen a house on fire?
You see one, you've seen it all.

36. What is your favorite book?
Mythic Beings

37. Have you ever read a 100 paged book?
Please, I've read more than that.

38. Are you a Christian?
Certified by the big dude up there.

39. Who do you like better: Mario or Sonic the hedgehog?

40. Do you like to do smilies?

41. Do you like to be funny?
I tried. But comedy isn't part of me.

42. What time is it right now in your time zone?
10.30 a.m.

43. Do you like to draw with a pencil or computer mouse/tablet?
as long I can create artworks, I use em both.

44. What kind of desktop do you use?
For the time being, its some water with bubbles on it.

45. Have you ever beaten a video game?
With my Camera Obscura, yeah!

46. Do you have an action replay for some system/game?

47. What is your favourite holiday?
Um, christmas?

48. What is your favourite letter?
I prefer envelopes....Fine... its A.

49. What is your favourite number?
13 coz its funny to see people get freaked out on this number.

50. Now tag 3 of your friends!

anyone who feels like doing it. But, ah what the heck....
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Can't wait for Hellboy II: The Golden Army to hit the big screen in my homeland.
Del Toro, I'm counting on you to cheer me up with your movie.

Next on the list is 'The Dark Knight' but of course, I better watch 'Batman Begins' before the sequel comes out. I want to see the late Heath Ledger's performance as 'Joker' so badly.

Am I suppose to be excited for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor? Uh, no...
coz I love the first two ones and I had very low expectations on the third and what's with the all powerful Jet Li could control the five elements. Its getting too cliche with the elements this and elements that... sigh. Just because we're chinese doesn't mean we're all 'Fung Shui' on that element concept.

Well that has been overused in 'Avatar: the Last Airbender' and its time to put a stop to it there until something else creative could re-invent the elements theme besides using the term 'bending'. Ha ha

What about horror? Well...obviously 'The Happening' is on my list for a potentially good doomsday summer movie but other than that, things are going slow with horror.

Well, that's all for now for this summer plans to the movies. Most of the time, I just get some downloaded movies that I've missed from my friends and watch them at home and in the office.

Sigh, Daryl signing out.
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So April is coming to an end soon. Thanks guys and girls for wishing me a Happy Birthday last Tuesday.
What's in store for next month... hmm dunno.

I just pitched my idea for an animation series and probably working on that. Modelsheets of my characters are halfway through production and concept. I still need a super cool bad-assed villain to make my main characters so weak against him.  Other than that, it feels like I'm back in college doing my own final year assignment.

Maybe... start a commision thingy? Dunno. With the work I have now and coming soon, I'm not so sure about that... well I do have a PayPal account for the occasion if that ever arise somehow.

Doin freelance is out of the question for now either.

More web-comics? Publishing? Ugh... so many things I wanna do while the passion is burning strong but
so little time or just dunno which path should I take to begin with.

Slowly one at a time... as for now... and with God's help, I hope something might come up nicely by the end of this year.

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  • Drinking: green tea
Actually April 15 is over for me. I'm now officially 22 this year.  After a full day play-along game of ignoring my own birthday with my friends who pretend not to acknowledge the fact it is my birthday, it finally comes to an end with an awesome bag with rather confusing pin-on button badges that represents themselves.

I didn't expect them to get me a bag as a gift. I guess they got pretty sick and tired seeing me carrying that crappy BORDERS plastic bag to work. (Heck, I carried it so I look like I'm an unmuggable person in the streets - honest!)

Actually, I thanked them for keeping it low and not all that surprise crap like they did for everyone in the office which is so damn -"God, everytime its that same routine on and on and on" kinda thing for every frickin birthday there. So yeah, keepin' it low is cool although its a little worriedly lonely and makes you feel alienated. Sigh, I'll tell you, it ain't pretty - especially for rather gloomy, emo type of people that always shows a face that make your friends think "oh shit, what did I do this time?"

Had a nice time with my parents tonight, cut another cake at my grandma's, watch Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles on AXN, and Miami Ink (damn I really want a tattoo after watching it) afterwards before being send straight back to my apartment so I could go to work tomorrow.

Oh and a silent Happy Anniversary to the Titanic Disaster and to the 1500 souls that were lost at sea. I always do that on my birthday.
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For some of you might known that I was taking a short break from doing Alexander Spectre comics for last weekend. Instead, I was producing pages for the more children-themed (and rather ages to 12 and above safe), comic - 'Noctura'.

Check it out! Here's the link fellow readers:

Basically its a childhood fantasy story that I wanted to do even before Dreamwalker Chronicles or Alexander Spectre. Something to remind myself of that inner-child or that boy who doesn't want to
grow up yet.

Like Dreamwalker Chronicles which is based on my journey to adulthood and choosing the paths in my life, Alexander Spectre, reflects my inner demons and my fears. But Noctura is that adventurous part of me that can only daydream alot of having awesome adventures and fight crazy monsters and weird stuff.  It is much more cheerful than the other two which is dark and quite atmospherically emo at times.

Yeah, I'm quite the emo person.  But I'm not that bad. At least I still can make people laugh. Sort of.

Anyway, thanks for the messages, the faves, for watching my gallery and leaving your questions and comments here. Really appreciate it, seriously and honestly. Sorry (a million times) for not responding to any of your questions or comments or notes in time or if I missed them. With my current job as a production designer and concept artist, my brain is getting overheated and probably fried like a WINDOWS XP motherboard soon. So I hardly have the strength to draw good stuff nor the mood to response to any comments.

My left hand hurts a little for drawing too much, lol thanks to the sudden creative surge of determination to draw MORE COMICS last month (its already april). So I'm taking things slow and
try not to overworked myself coz I don't wanna end up fuckin dead in bed for being overworked at the age of 22! WTF.  Like that guy who worked at Pixar who passed away at the tender age of 27 due to heart problems. Sigh.  We're dying younger and younger these days.

So stay healthy, sleep alot and have a balanced diet. Don't eat too much INSTANT NOODLES! or junk food and all kinds of shit tha gives us the diseases.

You got dust? No? Dust? No? Dust, anyone? No?

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Alexander Spectre: Paranormal Investigator since 1801 has already released the first short story entitled: The Iron Coffin.

I decided to tackle the horor genre after giving much thought on the matter when my friend George brought up the subject that why don't I just do an adult horror comic instead of doing children-themed stories. So I did.

It was fun.  And now, I am drafting out the doomed detective's next case which will be somewhat be an interesting take on the legend of the most famous haunted house in London; The room at 50 Berkeley Square.

After that one, another story that is also in draft is the infamous demon barber of Fleet Street. Got ya attention that part eh? Well, you'll have to wait to find out.

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I've just finished my work on the web-comic site for 'Alexander Spectre - Paranormal Investigator since 1801'. and I love the template modified by Enkida and I re-modified it again. After plotted down the draft of the story, I finally got myself a nice horror comic in my hands.

The same template was also remodified for the 'Noctura' site and that too has a very small update. Both comics are in development stage so, no comics till everything is in place.

My focus is more to the remake of 'The Dreamwalker Chronicles' first story and also on my Australian adventurers in 'Yuka'

As for my current job in production, i kept my fingers crossed for some good news from my boss. But of course, I gotta prepare myself for the neverending bad news that yet to follow from behind. sigh.
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I got tagged by a skeleton-boy....


1. Post these rules!
2. each person tagged must write 8 random facts about themselves...
3. and post them in their journal!
4. Each person who is tagged must tag, in turn, 8 more people.
5. They should be notified via comment and mentioned in the journal.


1. Besides drawing, I spend my time playing the piano. I don't read notes, I just play by ear.

2. I have a deep sunken rib-cage so I looked like I got punched real hard by something.

3. Born on 15th of April - a significant date that marked the birth of Leo Da Vinci, the sinking of Titanic, the assasination of Abe. Lincoln, and some other boring ones I don't quite remember.

4. Having trouble remembering where I put my glasses most of the time and always intended to place it in random places.

5. Experienced numerous paranormal activities. The memorable 'hide and seek shadow boy is the most terrifying of all the encounters.

6. The eldest of my siblings.

7. Used to collect movie soundtracks as a hobby. A rather expensive hobby.

8. I'm afraid of heights, and small spaces.



the people I tagged are just random coz I can't remember the other deviant user names in my list.
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With my first webcomic ended, I'm figuring which of the two planned comic ideas I should start.
Meanwhile, pre-production work in my company is getting better and at least its going somewhere
now. Hopefully it doesn't eat up my own personal time for my own things.

I'm in a limbo of daydreams and keep imagining cute characters and my weird array of characters eating each other like a twisted Pac-Man game. Bit by bit, I come out with odd parodical ideas for Sweeney Todd again... (once a fan of Tim Burton or anything morbid, its sure hard to shrug it off)

Now I am thinking how to get my hands on a nice authentic straight razor from the movie. Sigh.

Other than that, my days are packed.

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My last chapter and will be the ending of my webcomic - The Dreamwalker Chronicles, is up.

The last chapter's pages will be updating frequently right to the last page within this week.

For my long time readers and fans, its time to say goodbye to Flint.
For those who never begin reading my webcomic, its time you take a journey
on this road to do so.

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I have no reason to update my journal lately until I visited JiminycricketX's gallery. :)

UPDATE: Something is wrong with my DA account. I can't seem to open the category page under Submit Deviation.

Anyway, my online comic has been updated. Go check it out if you've missed it.

So yeah, I got tagged and with nothing new to write about, its nice to have fun with one of these question thingy.

1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random (hopefully interesting) facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal of these facts.
4. At the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named.

I discovered my love for horror through my first introduction to the game Fatal Frame which later, becomes an obsession that followed by Silent Hill series and Resident Evil (I just love the zombies)
I was a jerk but a fav among my juniors  back in high school for my habit of scaring them by dressing up as a ghost or make eerie noises in the dormitory at night. My other traits I do is walking silently right behind them, pretend to be a corpse dragged into a corner, or my favourite - dump a mixture of red watercolored paint into the flushing tank in the girls' washroom, or write bloody messages and leaving bloody trail marks all over the school corridors.


1. I love horror through video games first before movies.
2. I am a left-handed person  ~duh....
3. Started drawing since I was five to six years old
4. I have a ragged bunny doll which I still keep with me since I was a kid
5. I enjoy going out with friends to the movies and for other activities if I'm not lazy
6. I like swimming, and I enjoy playing squash and cycling
7. I love scaring people back in my high school days
8. I was an art thief in my high school days - stealing new sets of brushes and paints in my boarding school art room (its okay, coz none in my class were interested in art so yeah....)

Well, that's all.

- Daryl Toh Liem Zhan

The List of Unfortunate Souls:

Valkyrie -X
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It'll be Chinese New Year soon. (actually its more like next week) Anyways, I won't be posting alot of artworks for the time being. Its been great to throw my tension out through these corny and sarcastic fan arts of Sweeney Todd and other movies I've parodied.

My intentions to draw these fan arts is not just to entertain you all but hopefully inspired to look for your true interest in art and your own style. Most of these are mainly for me to explore my coloring skills and yes, my lineart still sketchy as usual.

There can be thousands of fan arts and stuff you will love to follow or fav from but seriously, if you get bogged down by those too much, you'll just be drawing Harry Potters for the rest of your life and no other style or creativeness will be explored within you. Some of you replied saying that my work has inspired you then go use that inspiration and make something good and original out from it.

Well, I don't want to draw Sweeney's or Clovers or Avatars for the rest of my life at here. Never really like doing fan arts but I like making fun of movies though.

Most of the time, I don't look at other people's fan arts to get inspirations but merely with the people around me. Cloverfield fan art was based on the movie but also with the jokes and ideas that came from my conversations with my friends at work.

The trick is to keep changing your drawing methods. I like speed painting and yet to learn from some good 'masters' in other art community sites besides DA. I'm yet to learn drawing realistic portraits, and mastering a cleaner line art but I hate to do that too much coz it'll remove all the expressive emotions out from the artwork I do.

Go, get out there, get flexible, get creative, go get that creative juices pumping. Stop taking dope you shit-heads (if you are taking dope), stop drawing your favorite anime character or game characters, and get a sketchbook and pencil (take extra coz you'll need it)  and sketch the world around you.

Well that was a boring scrambled thoughts of what is running inside my chaotic brain of mine.

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I stand corrected for that statement. I was, ever since I was six. I remember crying while watching 'JAWS' with my parents because what's his name blew up 'Bruce' the great white shark which I was fond of despite it was eating and killing people. Well, innocence at its best. HAHAHA

Then comes the age of dinosaurs, when Jurassic Park hits the cinemas and in-between that I was in love with monsters from Ultraman series and stuff. I drew comics about them, artworks and collect almost all of them.

I guess I was quite a destructive person so when I was ten, I was into earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes and deadly space shit. Because of that, I loved movies like 'Dante's Peak, Twister and Armageddon. Not to mention other movies like 'Day after tomorrow' that came later when I grew up.

Then, it was aliens.... from the face-hugging, chest-bursting freaks from space, to the massive ID4 plasma beamed super-destructive firepowered crafts to the freakish Tripods of 'War of the Worlds'

Horror has become something I've embraced since I got the guts to face my fears and watched 'Nightmare on Elm Street' and soon movies like Ju-On the Grudge and Saw is like a walk in the park.
I guess I love them thanks to my dosage of ghost stories that I read and grew up listening to from friends and families.

Zombies are my fav, likely due to my first introduction to it in the Resident Evil game series. Or likely when I watched Peter Jackson's - 'Brain Dead' back when I was nine....

I loved Titanic not because of the James Cameron film but because I was born the same date when it sank and it was a significant event that I could remember and related to. I love the ship so much that I could draw every fricking detail of the ship's masterplans from the top to bottom. Now, I hardly remember it. LOL

Fantasy... hmmmm thanks to games like FF and Kingdom Hearts to get me inspired. Lord of the Rings was one of them. Harry Potter? Nuh-uh.... nope....

But overall, when a good movie hits me with a love arrow, I go geek mode. Nuff said.

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  • Playing: with a razor blade
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  • Drinking: Chivas with Diet Coke
Watched it last night with my friends and it was good except for two fucking(pardon my French) annoying things that ruined it. One, is the bloody (pardon the pun) censorship board of Malaysia - yes they cut, no they stupidly cut of the scenes of the throat slashing parts causing the musical scores to skip an awful beat or parts of a lyric. Real smooth, idiots. Real smooth....

Two, is annoying narrow-minded, shallow chinese-educated (irony)piece of vermins that couldn't hold their tongues back for two fucking hours so, like my comic depicted, I came up with that song right after hearing 'Pirelli's Miracle Elixir' for Todd and Lovett's part of the lyrics.

Well, it could've been worst, if I had a razor in my hands - you know....but my sense of humanity (or what's left of it) while listening to 'Epiphany' sure made my hands itch right there and then to cut their throats to shut them up but their blood will be an annoyance to the cleaners to clean it up. They should make trap doors underneath the cinema chairs to send off these vermins back into the pit where they came.

Nevertheless, I'd enjoyed it and I was happy to have our old friend, Kit Wai to join us for the show last night. Lynndy will have haunting nightmares of George singing 'Johanna' soon... hahahaha

'There's a hole in the world that's like a great black pit and the people of the world is filled with shit and the vermin of the world inhabit it"
  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Wait - Sweeney Todd OST
  • Reading: my tormented mind
  • Watching: whoever is stupid on Youtube
  • Playing: with a razor blade
  • Eating: Vitamin-C pills
  • Drinking: Chivas with Diet Coke
Yup you heard that right, bitch! Sweeney is hitting my homeland cinemas on the 24th of January and
plans have been made to watch it with my friends is underway.

Rumors of the throat-slashing bits were cut off by the film censorship board really pissed me off. I would love to slit their throats for doing that! Fuckers!

Watched 'Cloverfield' and I loved it! If you don't like the movie don't watch it and keep your opinions to yourself because everybody's a critic but all are just too shallow with their comments and reviews and what they do best (in Youtube) is bitching at each other (which is hilarious and annoying like little kids arguing that Godzilla is better than Ultraman).

Till then, I managed to update at least two new pages for my webcomic and that's something! Not.

The year may have started on the wrong side but its up to me to make the best of it until this shit is over.

I'll see you in another life, when we're both cats. - Vanilla Sky
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Argh... I'm so bloody tight with my company's work on this stupid (but ironically good) animation project with a deadline that could make Death happy with his year end paycheck.

Because of that, I can't update my online comic, nor even begin drawing out a reasonable three to four pages at least of work for my latest chapter. Sigh. That's whay I only can do small dark humourous artworks of Sweeney Todd to cheer my tired wrecked soul.

My mind is full of Sweeney Todd's music - 'Epiphany'
and I sing it rather well in my room. LOL but only when I am pissed.

To the new visitors and 'customers' in my gallery, I thank you for the escalating pageviews .Especially on the 'Don't I Know Him' artwork which stunned me the next morning after I put it up online and your response to it was a frightening experience for me and overwhelming as if Mrs. Lovett is giving out free samples of her freshly baked human meat pies.

To the potter fans too, for loving the crossover parodies though I had to kill Harry and Snape too. HAHAHA  

Nuff said.