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  • Mood: Content
Its time once more for me to clean some stuff out especially in the commissioned folder.

I'm just gonna select my personal favorite to keep and the rest will be 'tributes' to be removed; so owners of their commissioned artworks, I hope you all have a digital copy so you can re-post it into your own galleries respectively.

Removal time is unknown but soon.

Don't question my decision, I'm having an OCD to make my gallery neat and tidy. So leave it that be.

It could be worst, I could just clear everything when I feel less happy about it.

Other places will be covered as well.

Happy Hunger Games.
  • Mood: Movingon
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I was a fan of Edd Gould's work back in 2008 and made my first fan art of his animated short, Zanta Claws II :thumb107328336:
We never met (well almost in Comic Con 2010... if I knew about it earlier), but he was a funny guy and that is deeply reflected in his animated shorts and comics.
My last artwork I did for him was a commissioned piece which my favourite Eddsworld fan art:  :thumb274133296:
This was perhaps the hardest for me to paint as there were many characters involved but I guess it paid off and he was happy with it and I think it was
a good gift as any that I could give to him.

It was devastating for me just to learn of his passing on 25th March this year. My condolences goes to his family and close friends. His legacy will live on with us, the fans.

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  • Drinking: Lots of water
With O-Week gone,  I'm finally gonna start my course on Monday 27th , so those who are still pending in my commish list, will have to be patient with me in the coming days.  Well, slots are open once again if anyone is interested to have me drawing or painting something for them.  If I don't reply your note soon, its probably i'm busy with the other commissions or reconsider your requests. Or just baffled by the weird ones....

By the way, though I have the right to post up your commissions, I make an exception for the more personal ones and will not include them in DevART. Plus, I had questions like, "can I post it in my own gallery?" Of course! You paid me for it, you owned it, so slap it in your gallery or something because remember, I do my occasional spring cleaning so I'm gonna remove artworks bit by bit and it will not last forever in my folders.

Other than that, I'm hoping to revive some old comic projects and start some new ones as well.  So I'm looking forward to that alot and hoping I get to come up with something within the next couple of months.

In the meantime, weather's being quite a bitch in Melbourne - as usual. ;)


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  • Drinking: Lots of water
Too quiet around here huh? That's because I'm pumping out some L4D fan comics furiously for this Rocktober month in conjunction for Halloween. There might be a surprise artwork or two for my original comic, 'My Girlfriend is Death's Daughter' to sweeten up the treat. Or it might be a trick. We'll see. Haha

Till then, stay safe and don't do drugs, kids!
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Fresh Blood - Eels
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  • Watching: FUTURAMA season 06
  • Playing: with my um... imagination.
  • Eating: Charlston Chew
  • Drinking: lots of water
Hey kids... you want some Halloween artworks? Halloween artworks for absolutely affordable. Muahaha

I'm open for commissions for Halloween themed artworks for this whole month. Only for $10 as usual. So if you want creepy artworks, left 4 dead stuff and whatever nameless gods that shall not be mentioned in the Necronomicon, send a note.

Meanwhile, a Halloween themed Rock Band competition is being organized in the office I work. Thus we officially named this month as Rocktober! Of course, there's Oktoberfest. (hic)

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  • Playing: with my um... imagination.
  • Eating: the citizens of candy kingdom
  • Drinking: lots of water
Yeah that's right...

What's up lately? Besides doing some $10 commissions for you boys and girls, I get to create some funky Cerulean magic items for Alluria Publishing
for their latest RPG game book. Its been a fun August so far.

Meanwhile, I'm roughing out for Sept with storyboards and stuff for the 2D animation studio I'm working at. Though the title is anything can happen September, I stay true to my word that anything and I mean anything could happen and I'll never know what's coming for me. Good or bad. (Let's just hope is awesomeness and FTW all the way)

Till then, its all hard work and play. So once again, if I don't reply your messages, or comments, truly sorry bout that.

Oh, $10 commissions are still open so just leave a note if you want an artwork done by me.

DevART is Facebook for artists...only less intrusion in privacy.
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Guess who's druuunkkkk!? ( I mean baaaackkkk!?)

Wassup, fellow watchies and friends? Did ya miss me? haha (I guess not)

First of all, Suki (OtakuHat) where in the world are you in the Con? I kept wandering back and forth at your friend's booth like a freaky stalker back there. LOL But anyway, I'm sorry if we can't meet up there as I realized its wholesomely bloody crowded in there. Maybe next time then, if I ever get to go back to San Diego again. Its a beautiful place and I love it! XD LOOOVE IT! O____________O

So yeah, what was going on down there? Well, I got to attend the Hall H panel for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and catch Edgar Wright - director of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz along with the cast of SP there. Then I got to catch a free screening of Scott Pilgrim at the Balboa Theater in downtown San Diego and I'd say, it really is an epic of epicness. If you're a fan of Scott Pilgrim, you'll be pleased with the film.

I've also attend the panel for Cartoon Network's Adventure Time and got the cast and director's autographs as well. Speaking of autographs, there was also Kazu Kibuishi who is currently promoting FLIGHT vol. 07 and Mike Mignola who is my top favourite for creating the iconic Hellboy comics. Last but not least, Bryan Lee O' Malley creator of Scott Pilgrim himself!

Upcoming things to lookout for: AMC's The Walking Dead is coming this October is pretty awesome if you're a fan of zombies. There's also TRON:Legacy, Battle: Los Angeles 2011, Skyline, Green Hornet, Green Lantern, and many more I forgot...

Movies watched there: SCOTT PILGRIM vs. The World (EPIC OF EPICNESS)
                      The Last Airbender (EPIC FAIL)
                      INCEPTION in IMAX (EPIC WIN)
                      SALT (SEXY PHASE)
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: INCEPTION ost - 'Time' by Hans Zimmer
  • Reading: Scott Pilgrim - Vol. 06 and FLIGHT Vol. 07
  • Watching: ADVENTURE TIME with Finn and Jake
  • Playing: with high explosives
  • Eating: Anything that comes too close to me
  • Drinking: lots of water
Been busy as usual. So its gonna be pretty quiet here from time to time. We all got a life to run. Even in the afterlife as well.

Well, I'll do my best to have some new updates once in awhile. No promises. I suck at those.

Till then, take care. I got a soul to reap somewhere and breakfast at Der Waffle Haus.

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  • Mood: Content
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Just been lurking online and hiding in the background for sometime. I'm going through an artist's worst nightmare - an artist's block. Its not easy to shake it off especially when you are dealing with other stuff to do at work. I've been neglecting my own online comics and that is rather depressing for me thanks to my lack of ideas (not to mention my procrastinating habits).

I just hope it doesn't permanently block my creativity. Or it'll be the last time I'll ever come back with a good artwork to share. Ugh....

In other news, I know there's alot of spamming going on about here in DA. For those who warned me about it, I thank you. For the spammed ones, try not to get rickrolled.

"Upset the established order and everything becomes chaos." - the Joker

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  • Watching: Smart People
  • Playing: Left 4 Dead
  • Eating: Barbequed Chicken
  • Drinking: Lots of water
Its the first month of 2009 and I've already have alot of things to do! Besides my current pile of work to do in office, I have other rather 'exciting' stuff to look up for...

First of, commissions are still up so if you have any artworks you want me get it done, just send me a note. BUT please check my previous journal entry on commissions:…
...before you do so. I don't do art requests, and that's final. End of story.

Second, I'm having a company trip to Bangkok, Thailand for three days and two nights soon so I'll be absent for a little while.

Third, Chinese New Year is around the corner. Got my shopping done and can't wait to get some red packets from my visiting relatives. Omnomnomnom....

Other news, I'm clearing some of my very old artworks back in 2006 into scraps; getting my ass whooped by the Tank in L4D, and just moved my Joker "cosplay" pics into scraps.

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  • Reading: Blankets - Craig Thompson
  • Watching: The sky
  • Playing: with my Jingle Bells
  • Eating: Christmas pies
  • Drinking: Lots of water
I wanna wish you boys and girls, (psychotic fan girls), from professionals, amatures, and inspired young and (old) artists and deviants, watchers etc, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

My apologies for the late replies, a response from your notes, comments, and messages; words of encouragements, praises, critiques and thoughts. Sometimes, its not easy to reply to all of em and I'm truly grateful for all of them. Thank you for putting up with that and for understanding.

Many of you thanked me for inspired you with my works and I hope they will continue to do so for you young artists out there. If you are serious and passionate about becoming a good artist and to stand out to prove yourself and to the rest of the world, then seize the moment and don't do it by stealing and editing other people's artworks and claim it's yours. We (all the artists) worked so hard to achieve that so why don't you? Everyone's gotta start somewhere.

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Been neglecting my blog for sometime now. So I had it updated with some doodles and sketches that is rarely seen in my DA gallery. I prefer it to be kept separated that way.

Just click the link under my profile to check it out. ;)

What's new? I'm cleaning up my comics at work and at home. Doing some doodlings and story drafts to keep me thinking. Trying my best to reply all comments and responses from you guys and girls in DA so I don't look like a ignorant jerk. haha

Till then, enjoy the coming end of November.

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  • Reading: BONE - Out from Boneville
  • Watching: House: Season Three
  • Playing: with my mind
  • Eating: Doughnuts
  • Drinking: Lots of water
Its already November. Wow...
Anyway, commissions are still up. So if you want some of your favourite artworks done by me, just leave a note.

If you want some art commissions or cool t-shirts designs then go find my good buddy Jason - :iconescar:

Been watching cutscenes from the latest Silent Hill: Homecoming game that is currently out in the PS3 and X-Box 360. It does look gruesome at some points and the storyline is quite refreshing though they are heavily influenced by the Christopher Gans visuals from the film. I did some homework and I though I'd give the game a chance.

Though its not from Team Silent but the people from Double Helix did an impressive job for the game. The funny thing is... why is there a chilli-shaped health meter in the screen.

Akira Yamaoka as always, did a bloody hell of a good job on the soundtrack and the vocals by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (from Silent Hill 3, 4 and Origins) is the most recognizable voice of the Silent Hill universe.

Other news, Alexander Spectre - my neglected webcomic has an update at last. Yay...
  • Photobucket

The latest strip is based from the song written and performed by Thrice. It is found in their album the Alchemy Index - Vol. III and IV.

Recently I've been having doodling sessions, or doodling wars with :iconneo-wolf06:

Chatting with :iconashleigh-london: who is my regular client for commissions on her OC of the Divinus Series she has written. A bubbly fan girl of her own and a good friend.

Laughing my ass off at :iconeddsworld: with his funny flash animations.

Wondering how is :iconcolt-kun: doing in Disneyland

Till then, I'll dream of Pyramid Heads and Robbies tonight.
Where am I for the past two weeks?

Well, I was enjoying my semester break, having fun with my new WACOM tablet and post and hosting my web comics. Nuff said.

I seemed to ignored my Deviant Art site and it seemed a little stagnant now....oh well.

At least I have some artworks to update and give it a smell of fresh air for now.

Basically here's my 6 wierd things/habits:

1. - I like to stay in the dark places

2. - I occasionally smell my armpits to see if it smells like strawberry... LOL

3. - I tend to laugh or grin all of the sudden to myself at all the sarcastic thoughts I think of and that really creeps out my friends.

4. - I'm always changing moods - sometimes normal, then cranky, then psychotic and then normal again.

5. - I like to pretend to be 'possessed' or act like a zombie or a ghost when I get bored and naughty. :P

6. - when I usually too concentrated in my drawings, my friends noticed my tongue will hang out like a dog's.

The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 weird habits/things about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a journal about their 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 6 (or as many as you know) people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their devpage comments and tell them to read yours.